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2500-11000 users: Plantronics Manager Pro inkl. API

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  • Asset (headset) Analysis, Plantronics & other brands
  • Usage Analysis for better user adoption
  • Conversation Analysis, for reduction of overtalk
  • Acoustic Analysis, for improved call quality
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A modular headset management system

Plantronics Manager Pro is based on four modules which can be purchased seperately, with the Asset Analysis module being the core, mandatory module.

Asset Analysis

  • Device inventory: View total count and status for all headset audio devices in your organisation.
  • Device distribution: View the distribution of devices among users, including Plantronics and non-Plantronics devices and users without a detected device.
  • Softphone status: View status of all softphones being used with Plantronics products across your organisation.
  • Conflicts detected: Identify configurations of installed softphone and Plantronics Hub versions with known compatibility conflicts.
  • Version status: Improve users’ performance and experience by ensuring that the latest firmware and software is deployed in all your Plantronics hardware and software.

Usage Analysis

  • Call summary: Understand device usage patterns including headset calls made/received and call duration.
  • Common actions: Identify user behaviour patterns related to the mute, volume and quick disconnect functionalities that may hold insights for training and performance.
  • Device adoption: Discover adoption patterns of Plantronics products across your organisation.

Conversation Analysis:

  • Conversation details: Improve the quality of conversations by identifying individuals and/or physical locations where the percentage time of overtalk during conversations is higher than normal.

Acoustic Analysis:

  • Acoustic events: Review history of acoustic events that have occurred during conversations using Plantronics products.
  • Daily noise exposure: Identify Time-Weighted Average (TWA) configurations that may be causing user experience issues.